About the Salon
The Salon is organized by:
Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation
Ministry of Industry and Commerce of the Russian Federation
Federal Agency for Science and Innovations
Moscow Government

Federal and Regional Executive bodies, Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, Administration of the President of the Russian Federation, CIS Executive Committee, Academy of Sciences of the Russian Federation, Federal Agency for Specific Economic Areas, Russian Fund of Technological Development, Fund of Assistance in development of small-form enterprises in scientific and technological sphere, Federal Institution «Research Institute - Federal Research Center for Project Evaluation and Consulting Services» (FRI FRCEC), Joint-stock Company the All-Russian Exhibition Center, Russian Association of Venture investments, other departments, funds and organizations take part in preparation and conducting of the Salon.

Federal, International and professional support
Government of the Russian Federation (Order of the Government of the Russian Federation 1047-p dated August 14, 2007)
Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation
Federal Agency for Science and Innovations (partial financing)
Executive Committee of the Commonwealth of Independent States
Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation (patronage, protocol)
Russian union of industrialists and businessmen
Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs - in 2004 Moscow International Salon of Innovations and Investments has been conferred the Token of Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs "RUEF" (protocol of joint meeting of members of Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs 28 dated 28-30.06.04)
World Association of Industrial Property (delegation)
International Federation of Inventors' Associations (delegation)
Salons of Inventions in Geneva, Brussels, Seoul and Nuernberg (delegations).

Goals and Objectives of the Salon

  • Forming of system of support for development of scientific and technological, innovation and production spheres, popularization of achievements of Russian science, technology and production, demonstration of results of Federal support for development of innovation infrastructure of Russia, demonstration of R&D results, obtained during implementation of Federal Target Program (FTP) "Development of nano-industry infrastructure of the Russian Federation for 2008-2010", Federal Target Program (FTP) "R&D in top priority directions of development of scientific and technological complex of Russia for 2007-2012", i.e. in application Federal Target Program (FTP) "Development of nano-industry infrastructure of the Russian Federation for 2008-2010", Federal Target Program (FTP) "R&D in top priority directions of development of scientific and technological complex of Russia for 2007-2012",developments within the top priority directions of science;
  • Organizing of discussion of relevant issues of scientific-and-technological and innovation policy, i.e. arrangements aimed at restructuring of labour market and decreasing of labour market tensity;
  • Presentation and discussion of approaches to long-term forecasting of innovation development by Forsyte methods;
  • Discussing of regional aspects of forming of national innovation system;
  • Assisting the inventors, developers and manufacturers of hi-tech products in developing of Russian and foreign markets of technologies and science intensive products, development of mutually beneficial business contacts, attracting attention of potential investors and customers to competitive developments, stirring up of entrepreneur, innovation activity, technologies' commercialization aimed at innovative modernization production as well as evaluation of the present state of innovation, financial and personnel resources at the Federal and Regional branch levels.

Main Sections:

  • Nano Industry and perspective materials.
  • Energy saving technologies and alternative energy sources.
  • Information technologies and perspective component basis.
  • Regional nature management and ecology.
  • Living system technologies.
  • Technologies of security and struggle against terrorism.
  • Venture innovation projects.
  • Development of innovation infrastructure.
  • Intergovernmental cooperation in the innovation sphere.
  • Finance and credit - for innovations.
  • Innovation projects fair.

Other subject sections will be formed as new participation claims become available.

Program activities and exposition of Salon are united by a common objective of modernization of Russian economy by developing of relevant economic ideas and uniting of efforts of representatives of business, science and authorities for assisting the prospective innovation projects; rise of innovation attractiveness and strengthening of external economic position of the Russian Federation; assisting in integration of Russian enterprises into world economy; assisting in promotion of innovation technologies into globalization economy; development of technology promotional areas of the Russian Federation; organizing of international ground for presentation of innovation projects of Regions of the Russian Federation.

Business Program of Salon includes scientific&technological conferences, seminars, round table discussions, business meetings on priority directions of innovation development of Russia, problems of attracting investments to innovation sphere with participation of scientific, financial and business structures.

According to overall results of the Salon Contest Program, the exhibitors will be awarded Grand Prix, medals and diplomas of Salon Organizational Committee and special prizes and awards of Russian and international organizations.

Representatives of Federal, regional and municipal authorities, carrying out state policy in the field of science, innovations, and intellectual property; as well as representatives of World organization for protection of intellectual property, numerous delegations from the former Soviet Republics and foreign countries will take part in the work of Salon.

The following organizations are invited to participate in the IX Moscow International Salon of Innovations and Investments:

  • Russian and foreign scientific organizations and industrial enterprises,
  • Federal research centers, institutions of the Academy of Sciences of the Russian Federation, higher educational institutions, universities, organizations and enterprises of defense-industry complex,
  • Small-size innovation business companies, funds, technological parks, innovative-technological centers, inventors, initiators of innovation projects,
  • Representatives of business circles interested in obtaining of commercial results of realization of competitive science-intensive products and innovation technologies,
  • Representatives of venture funds, financing and consulting structures, whose activity presumes participation in funding, realization, promoting and escorting of innovation science-intensive projects.