Informational support

To provide informational support for preparation and conducting of Salon, different arrangements are made to form the positive attitude of public opinion towards the Salon as the greatest and unique scientific&technological forum of inventors, developers and manufacturers of hi-tech products and authors of investment projects in scientific&technological sphere and production.

Series of publications and interviews in mass media of leaders and representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation and Federal Agency for Science and Innovations are prepared and realized.

Information on Salon is being distributed in Regions' Administrations and Embassies of foreign countries accredited in Russia.

Press-conference is prepared, dedicated to official opening of «IX Moscow International SALON of Innovations and Investments« with participation of leaders of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, Federal Agency for Science and Innovations and Moscow Government.

The following leading editions in scientific&technological and innovation spheres are also attracted to take part in informational back up:

Journals: «Nanoindustry», «Russian Nano-technologies», «Innovations», «Technopolis - XXI», «Science and Innovations« (Belorussia), «Patents and Licenses», «Information and Innovations», «Innovations, Technologies, Solutions», «Environmental Safety», «Ecology and Industry of Russia», «Ecological Business Journal», «Technology for the Youth», «Integral», «Intellectual Property», «Power Engineering. Industry. Regions», «New fluxes», «Volga-business», «Infocyborg», «Innovations of Moscow Region», «Angel Investor», «Science and Industry of Russia», «Industrial herald», «Science and life», «Russia and the world: science and technologies», «Information resources of Russia», «Aviation and astronautics», «Aerospace courier», «Shipping», «Instruments+Automation», «What's new in science and technologies», «Invention», «Engine», «Military diplomat», «Intellectual capital», «Compulog», «Chemistry and life», «All along the Country», «Sensors and systems»;

Newspapers: «Commonwealth», «Engineering newspaper», «Gazette», «Moscow investments», «Financial newspaper», «Tribune», «Industrial review», «Industrial weekly», «Business proceedings».

Radio channels: «Radio Russia», «Moscow Region Radio», «Echo of Moscow».

Internet-portals: «Country Capital», «Industry of Russia», «Derrick», «Begin Group»,, «Media Park», «Russian Technological courier», «Alliance-media», «Tatcenter», «Invur», «Mobile», innovation bureau «Expert» etc.