Russian national exposition

Russian national exposition includes subject and branch expositions, exposition of Russian Academy of Sciences, regional expositions, expositions of organizations and enterprises of scientific and technical and industrial&technological spheres considering the economic situation in the country.

Subject and branch expositions

Subject and branch expositions represent the results of R&D performed within the ranks of Federal Target Programs, scientific& technological developments, innovation projects, science intensive produce of educational institutions and organizations in top priority scientific& technological spheres considering the current economic situation in the country.

Basic exposition of Salon, uniting the main results and prospective directions of activity of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation and Federal Agency for Science and Innovations aimed at development of fundamental and applied science, innovation structure in accordance with subject, informational and organizational structure of Federal Target Program (FTP) «Development of nano-industry infrastructure of the Russian Federation for 2008—2010», Federal Target Program (FTP) «R&D in top priority directions of development of scientific and technological complex of Russia for 2007—2012»; will be the exposition of Federal Agency for Science and Innovations (ROSNAUKA).

Technical-organizational approaches to functioning of this exposition constitute the conceptual kind of the IX Moscow International SALON of Innovations and Investments.

During Salon, scientific& technological video-programs about the presented developments and technologies specially prepared by exhibitors will be demonstrated on large screens.

Participants of Federal Target Programs will display on the exposition of Federal Agency for Science and Innovations the results achieved during fulfillment of FTP contracts with the Agency and monitoring of the IX Salon.

The aim of exposition of the Federal Agency for Science and Innovations is to demonstrate the results of comprehensive state policy for development of national research and technologies, realized by the Agency within the ranks of Federal Target Programs.

Exposition objective is to inform different audiences of the results obtained within the ranks of:

  • Federal Target Scientific and Technological Program (FTSTP) «Research and development in top priority commercial spheres of science and technology» for 2005—2006;
  • Federal Target Programs:
    1. «Research and development in top priority spheres of Russian scientific and technological complex for a period of 2007—2012»; the top priority sphere is «Industry of nano-systems and materials»;
    2. «Development of Nano-Industry infrastructure in Russian Federation for a period of 2008—2010»;
    3. «National Technological Basis» for 2007—2011;
    4. «Development of electronic components basis and radio electronics for a period of 2008—2015»;
    5. «World Ocean».

    Displayed at the exposition of the Federal Agency for Science and Innovations will be the developments having best scientific& technological, economic and financial indices, i.e.:

    • Urgency and scientific& technological novelty;
    • State of intellectual property, market dynamics, export potential, financial indices;
    • Technological novelty, influence on industrial infrastructure, resource basis, ecological conditions;
    • Economic and social efficiency, i.e. new workplaces created due to development application;
    • Potential and qualification of developer-organization.

    Moscow Exposition

    Impressive show at the Salon of Moscow enterprises sponsored by Moscow Government is presumed. Main subject of this exposition is experience in implementation of the city target complex program of creating of innovation system in Moscow for 2008-2010. Main Moscow Exposition objective is:

    • Support of innovation activity, directed at the final result, particularly carrying of results of scientific& technological research through from development stage to adaptation, manufacturing application and bringing them out to the market;
    • Creating of workplaces requiring high qualification and connected with utilization of intellectual potential of specialists.

    The following will be represented at the Moscow Exposition:

    • Municipal coordinating and managing bodies of innovation activity;
    • Scientific&technological enterprises generating new knowledge, ideas developments and creating innovations;
    • Innovation enterprises specializing in application of innovations into real economy;
    • Enterprises, mastering innovations;
    • Service Companies lending the innovators assistance and services in financing, expert evaluation and consulting, legal advice, patenting, information, advertising, R&D, production, education and training etc.;
    • Results of Municipal Target Program «Joint Innovation Program in the city of Moscow for 2007—2009».

    Exposition of Russian Academy of Sciences

    Exposition will also represent the results of fundamental and applied research of RAS Institutes in top priority directions of science and technology development. Exposition organizer – RAS Exhibition Center. Particular attention during exposition forming will be paid to the way exhibits are presented using modern demonstration technologies, functioning mockups and production models.

    Innovation Potential of Russian Regions

    Salon will also contain Regional expositions demonstrating the developments, science intensive products, innovation projects, goods and services of scientific research organizations, educational establishments, enterprises of small and medium business from Russian Regions, scientific cities, specific economic areas, possessing considerable scientific, technological, innovation potential and advanced educational system. Special attention will be drawn to priorities of Regional scientific&technological and educational programs and forming of branch sections in the joint regional expositions.

    Exposition organizers – Regional Executive bodies, regional exhibition centers, scientific&technological information centers etc.

    Expositions of organizations and enterprises of scientific&technological and industrial spheres

    Research and development, innovation, scientific and production companies, state corporations will present analytical research, developments, innovation projects and science intensive products alongside with exhibits demonstrating their scientific&technological potential.

    During functioning of Salon the representatives of administrative, financial and business circles will be given the opportunity to meet and get acquainted with competitive developments of organizations and enterprises having stable and favorable scientific and business reputation and to obtain necessary information for evaluation of commercial potential of developments, conducting of comparative analysis and making the decision regarding feasibility and expediency of business contacts.

    National Expositions of the Foreign Countries

    National Expositions of the Foreign Countries will house the inventions and innovation developments of exhibitors from foreign countries and former Soviet Republics, as well as the results of joint investment programs of Russian and foreign R&D organizations. The CIS Executive Committee participates in preparation for Salon to form the joint exposition of CIS Republics. The following foreign countries will take part in Salon: Armenia, Belorussia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Brazil, Vietnam, Holland, Iran, Spain, Canada, Poland, Romania, Syria, USA, Ukraine, France and Switzerland. Expositions are organized by Federal and public organizations, funds and innovation structures, inventors' associations.