Business Program

The program activities have a common objective of attracting investments to scientific and technological sphere, and are aimed at technical reequipment of industry, development of intellectual property market, perfection of patenting and licensing activities, uniting interests of inventors, makers, manufacturers of hi-tech products and representatives of industrial and financial business from Regions of the Russian Federation, the former Soviet Republics and foreign countries. Salon business program is formed in accordance with the following topics:

  • Scientific&technological and innovation policy: mechanisms and implementation practices;
  • Development of state-private partnership in the sphere of science and education in Russia;
  • Problems and ways of funding and financing of innovation development;
  • Development of direct and venture investments' market in Russia;
  • Business-angels and development of small innovation companies;
  • Development of innovation infrastructure;
  • International innovation cooperation;
  • R&D in top priority directions of development of science, technologies and techniques in the Russian Federation.

Business Program of Salon includes conferences, «round table» discussions, business meetings, presentations of innovation projects as well as traditional presentation of Federal and Regional programs of innovation development.

Innovation Projects Fair

Innovation Projects fair is an opportunity of express-discussion of contract relations between developer and investor. For this purpose, the collection of business-offers of Salon exhibitors is worked out in special format.

Business Center «Finance and Credit for Innovations»

The work of the Center has to be supported by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation. Within its framework will function the Consulting group of experts of ministries, banks, investment structures, venture funds who will assist Salon exhibitors in information back up for attracting of financial resources for implementation of innovation projects.

The Salon will present and lend the services of financial organizations aimed at the exposure and support of investment-attractive projects, as well as discussed issues of attracting investments to scientific&technological sphere, interaction of financial structures with authorities responsible for implementation of Federal scientific&technological policy, organizing and conducting of professional expert examination, evaluation and appraisal for determining of technological priority of intellectual product and commercial value of technology at the market.

«The Club of Investors in Russian Innovations» will be presented at the Salon.

Leading banks of Russia, such as Bank for Foreign Trade (BFT), BFT24, Foreign Economic Bank (FEB) and Savings Bank of RF(SB RF), will take part in Salon.