Dear Participants of the Salon,

The special information system was designed in order to easy the process of preparing documents necessary for taking part in the Salon.

The principle of remote co-operation with the Salon participants and forming an individual data set for every participant is the basis of the system.

All the documents necessary for participation in the Salon are formed automatically after the filling in proper interactive forms. The process of filling in interactive forms may be interrupted any minute (do not forget to press the button "Save") and be continued after the next login. In this case all data entered before are saved.

Interactive forms should be filled in till July, 20.

After registration the participants of the Salon enters the system by authorizing himself with the help of his login and password which are valid through the whole period of preparing and conducting the Salon.

To work in the system one must have the browser Microsoft Internet Explorer version higher than 6.0 or Opera version higher than 7.0 and program Adobe Reader (version 6.0 and higher versions).

The authorized participant of the Salon may use the service of the technical support asking the questions concerning the process of document preparation.

Good luck!

User authorization

If you have not been registered yet — you should fill in the registration form to get an access.

If you forget your password, you may restore it by filling in the simple form.